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Hanging a unique Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are not difficult to do if you use an adjustable picture hanger like Picture Perfect Hanger® So in this blog we wanted to give you tips on how to turn a boring wall of pictures into an exciting display of harmonious images. Think of a gallery wall as a companion display that pulls the feel of a room together. The best part is… Read More...

Family Picture Hanging Ideas

Family pictures are always a focal point in every home. Whether hanging as a portrait above a fireplace or as a Gallery Wall in a family room they are an essential part of where we live. The difficulty for some is deciding how to group the pictures and the best way to showcase the images. With just a little planning you can have a picture perfect family wall and not spend all day doing it. Read More...

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in Minutes

Picture hanging doesn’t have to be frustrating or time consuming. In fact, picture hanging hardware has come a long way recently making the process not only simple but fast. You don’t have to spend an hour planning out where every picture goes, then measuring, marking & finally hanging the pictures frames only to discover they’re not quite right so you take them off and re-hammer the picture hook to the wall over and over again. Frustrating right? FORGET ABOUT THAT! Here are the simple and quick steps to Picture Perfect Hanging everytime. Read More...

Hanging multiple picture groupings

Lets face it not every wall is square or rectangular. If you’re faced with a wall, split by a couple of windows or a diagonal ceiling line, hanging pictures in a grouping such as this is easy when using an adjustable picture hanger. In the picture shown above notice how the homeowner hung 33 separate pieces of art utilizing several different shapes and sizes to achieve a cohesive look. Tying all of these pictures together is the artwork at the top which is free flowing, reaching the peak as well as the edges of the window. Read More...