Adjustable Picture Hanger - Picture Perfect Hanger®

Adjust picture hanger with the touch of a finger

Hanging a unique Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are not difficult to do if you use an adjustable picture hanger like Picture Perfect Hanger® So in this blog we wanted to give you tips on how to turn a boring wall of pictures into an exciting display of harmonious images. Think of a gallery wall as a companion display that pulls the feel of a room together. The best part is… Read More...

Using 4-way adjustable picture hangers

If you’ve ever wanted to hang multiple pictures in a grouping or a gallery wall but were afraid to try, this is the picture hanger you’ve been waiting for. Any picture frame hung on the Picture Perfect Hanger® can be moved LEFT, RIGHT, UP & DOWN with the simple touch of a finger. No tools are needed, simply slide the picture hook any direction… Read More...

Correctly Hanging Pictures & Artwork

When It comes to hanging pictures and artwork on the wall it seems to be a simple task. The truth is most of us don’t do it correctly and cause more damage to our walls behind the pictures than we care to admit. Here are a few tips to help you determine where to hang your frames or artwork and the best methods. Read More...

What to Hang on a Boys Bedroom Wall

Decorating a boys bedroom usually consists of hanging pictures of their favorite sport or hero on the walls. Next, mix in some sporting equipment, hang some hats and autographed pictures of their favorite players and you’re done. Right? …well,

If you really want your son’s room to stand out, here are a few ideas we LOVE. They’ll transform any boys bedroom from a place to sleep to a picture perfect hangout.

Hanging Wall Art & Pictures

Hanging multiple picture frames and art together can be intimidating especially if it’s your first home or apartment. However, with these tips and some adjustable picture hangers you’re wall will look like it was done by a professional. Read More...