Adjustable Picture Hanger - Picture Perfect Hanger®

Adjust picture hanger with the touch of a finger

You Can Sell This Adjustable Picture Hanger

Picture hanger hardware store

We're currently looking for companies with a brick and mortar store to sell the
Picture Perfect Hanger. Minimum buy quantities are low while the product is still in it's launch phase.

These picture hangers are not currently in big box retail so now is the perfect opportunity to be the first in your community to sell this popular picture hanger.

If you would like to be one of the first to showcase and sell this revolutionary patented
picture hanging hardware and increase both your bottom-line and your customer satisfaction please contact us.

We're excited about the increased demand and interest. We're changing the picture hanging industry and look forward to having you as a partner.

Let's just say, we believe 2017 is a "Picture Perfect" year!
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